New Homeowners have money to burn! Find them before your competition does!

New homeowners have money to spend, especially those who have recently moved or plan on relocating in the near future. In fact, data from Epsilon’s New Mover Report showed that moving families spend an average of $9,000 every time they change residences. They are also more likely to consider trying new brands and company services, unlike many stationary, loyal consumers.

New Homeowners Have Money to Spend on:

  •  Security Systems and Services
  •  Phone and Internet Services
  •  Cable TV
  •  Insurance
  •  Furniture and Appliances
  •  Landscape and Lawn Services
  •  Banking and Financial Services
  •  Home Improvement Services
  •  Doctors and Dentists
  • Daycare Services
  • Health and Fitness Clubs


We know residents who have recently moved or soon plan to move are spending this amount of money and are in the market for new consumer goods, different service providers, and upgrades on products they already have. Because so many families change houses frequently, being visible in a client’s mailbox can increase your chances of gaining new customers who are looking to spend money on new products and services. By getting accurate homeowner leads, you will find that you have a whole new potential client base receiving your direct mail pieces.

This highly sought after New Homeowners list is valuable to retail businesses and service companies who benefit from prospecting to new customers in their area.

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