60,000 New Homeowners per Week

This highly sought after New Homeowner List is valuable to retail businesses and service companies who benefit from prospecting to new customers in their area.

These businesses include:

  •  Furniture and Appliances Dealers
  •  Phone and Internet Services
  •  Banking and Financial Services
  •  Home Improvement Services
  •  Insurance Agents
  •  Doctors and Dentists
  •  Daycare Services
  •  And much more

New Homeowner Mailing List Selections Include:

  •  Homeowner Name
  •  Home Value/Sales Price
  •  Street Address
  •  City, State & ZIP®
  •  Gender of Buyers
  •  County Name
  •  Median Income

Why use our New Homeowner records?

  •  Our data is compiled daily so you can reach consumers with new homes first.
  •  We offer an average of 60,000 new homeowners per week. We thoroughly clean our data and put it through USPS CASS/DPV cerfification.
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